November 23

On this Thanksgiving Day, one of my thanks goes to the Lexington Herald-Leader and it’s most helpful editors. Sadly, the topic, private, for-profit prisons, is not so light: “Without this access, we had to wait for an Inspector General’s report documenting dangerous patterns in the private-prison industry. The Justice Department’s top internal investigator found that.

July 15

I’m pleased to announce a new place to read my rants, in the Lexington Herald-Leader’s op-ed pages. For clarity, my practice still runs out of Durham, North Carolina. I live in Lexington with my family, but I am not (yet) admitted in Kentucky. My practice remains all things federal, but especially in criminal and appellate.

July 8 So let’s kill two proverbial birds with one stone. Let this commission seek those “public” records under each State’s public records laws, and experience what you and I do when we ask for “publicly-available” government records. * * * You may have a right to the information, but relatively few have the expertise and.