Sample Sentencing Memo

Available federal services include:

  • Advising attorneys in plea negotiations, or where appropriate, negotiating pleas directly with United States Attorneys;
  • Calculating and mitigating sentences under both the advisory United States Sentencing Guidelines and non-Guidelines statutory arguments (so-called “variances”);
  • Providing detailed sentencing memoranda on the defendant’s behalf, with creative sentencing and post-release alternatives to simple imprisonment;
  • Assisting with prison custody issues, including Federal Bureau of Prisons security classifications, facility placements and transfers, drug abuse treatment (including RDAP), specific programming requests, and administrative inmate remedies;
  • Appealing prison sentences, fines, restitution, and forfeiture issues;
  • Litigating post-conviction challenges to the legality of conviction or sentence (Motions under 28 United States Code, Section 2255), or conditions of confinement (Petitions for Habeas Corpus under 28 United States Code, Section 2241);
  • Requesting supervision transfers and early termination of probation and supervised release;
  • Petitioning the President for Pardons or Sentence Commutation;
  • Suing the United States for the negligence of its employees under the Federal Tort Claims Act, and seeking other civil rights relief;
  • Seeking federal agency records under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts (FOIA / PA).

Jay is happy to discuss State law sentencing with appropriately-licensed attorneys.  He will also consider representing persons in North Carolina State courts