New Website, New Blog, Same High-Quality Services


Welcome to the new website. The E-Office was long overdue for remodeling. So, with the help of IT whiz Sean-Paul McKee, here it is. This site is more interactive than the old E-Office, and hopefully more user-friendly. There is also a new blog, so from time to time I can post news and events about the Federal Bureau of Prisons, federal criminal law, and the practice in general.

I invite everyone to check back regularly for new posts, and contact me if my services might help. But please remember the ground rules:

  1. This is the internet, and the internet is a risky place – protect yourself.
  2. This website has only general information, and nothing here may be taken as legal advice about your specific facts and legal needs. You must actually speak with a lawyer to get actual legal advice.
  3. Simply contacting Jay, or reading this website, does not create a lawyer-client relationship. We must agree to a retainer letter and a fee for that relationship to be created. So if you do choose to contact me, keep all your truly private information private until we agree to have an attorney-client relationship. General information will almost always be enough to decide whether we make a good fit, and whether I can even help.

Thank you for checking me out. Please come check me out again, to see what’s new. And please never hesitate to contact me, if I might be of some help.